If you are in California and in need of firsthand information about banks in the “Golden state” you probably do not need to look elsewhere subsequently since the hard task has been taken care of here.

List of banks in California consists of regional, national, and international banks.

However, to choose a bank in California you should consider a bank that has your financial layout and projections in its scheme.

You are advised to choose a bank that’s most accessible and close to your primary place of residence just in case you have transactions to sort in the branch within minutes.

The interest rate given by any bank must be considered before you choose to bank. How much you are charged for account maintenance, deposit fee ATM, etc.

Not even the APY should be ignored, since you should know the exact Annual Percentage Yield which is the real rate of return earned on savings account deposit.

If you are a senior citizen, kindly checkout for account type designed for your class of users, where students, professionals should go strictly for account type they are advantaged for.

The concept of SWIFT/BIC code

SWIFT/BIC (bank identifier code) is a code used to identify the country, bank, and branch that an account is registered to.

SWIFT code act as an address where money should be sent.

In this guide, you will get to know the SWIFT codes of banks in California.

Kindly find the below list of banks in California with their respective SWIFT codes

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S/N Bank name SWIFT/BIC
1 Bank of America BOFAUS3N – used for incoming wire in USD. BOFAUS6S – used for incoming wires in foreign currency
2 Citi bank CITIUS33
3 Bank of the west BWSTUS66
4 U.S bank USBKUS44IMT
5 Wells Fargo bank PNBPIE2D
6 JP Morgan Chase bank CHASUS33XXX
8 Comerica bank MNBDUS33
9 MUFG union bank BOFCUS33MPK
10 Rabobank RABONL2UXXX
11 Umpqua bank UMPQUS6PXXX
12 Bank of California BCLFUS66XXX
14 City national bank CINAUS6L
15 Westamerica bank WUSAUS66XXX
16 First bank FBOLUS6LXXX
17 Pacific Premier bank PPBIUS66XXX
18 Compass bank CPASUS44XXX
19 Pacific Western bank FNSDUS6DXXX
20 Banner bank BNNEUS66XXX
21 Opus bank OPSSUS61
22 Mechanics bank MEBKUS66
23 Citizens business bank CBBKUS6LXXX
24 Tri Counties bank TRICUS66
25 Cathay bank CATHUS6L
26 Bank of hope NARAUS6L
27 Bank of the Sierra BSLESLFRXXX
28 Homestreet bank HOMSUS6S
29 Community bank COUYUS31XXX
30 Fremont bank WFBIUS6S
31 United business bank XXXXXXXXXX
32 Bank of Stockton STKCUS66
33 Exchange bank EXBCCATT
34 Heritage bank of commerce HECEUS61XXX
35 Grandpoint bank GRNPUS66
36 Hanmi bank HANMUS6LXXX
37 Bank of Marin MRRNUS66
38 Royal business bank RBBCUS6LXXX
39 River City bank RICTUS62
40 Poppy bank XXXXXXXXXXX
41 Manufacturers bank MITKUS6L
42 United Security bank XXXXXXXXXXX
43 Bank of England BKENGB2LXXX
44 Scott valley bank SCVYUS66
45 Open bank FSTDUS6L
46 Ever Trust bank ETBKUS6L
47 Mission bank XXXXXXXX
48 Beneficial state bank XXXXXXXX
49 Community West bank XXXXXXXX
50 Armed forces bank XXXXXXXX
51 CTBC bank Corp CTHCUS66XXX

For a bank that does not have swift code, to receive international wire transfer the fund must pass through a correspondent bank in the in the US, the correspondent bank will then wire to you via domestic wire transfer.

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However, it’s advisable to contact your bank where you are not sure of the SWIFT code, an error in SWIFT can cause a delay in transfer.

Look up your bank contact detail on your ATM card or use the internet banking.

Best banks in California

Here is possible list of best banks in California as at the time of writing this guide, the yardstick used in measuring these banks are savings and checking accounts, then best credit union.

they include but not limited to

  • Ally bank
  • Bank of America
  • Citi bank
  • Golden1 credit union,
  • While ally bank ranks best for opening savings account, Bank of America took the lead in checking account.

Having listed the above outstanding four, any of the below banks can still be suitable for you

  • Chase
  • Wells Fargo
  • US bank
  • Union bank
  • Bank of the West
  • Mechanics bank
  • Comerica bank
  • California bank and trust.

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